Aysun Oz

Feedback for Hypnotherapy with Sadina:
I had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Sadina.
I have been very pleased with her sessions and would like to summarize my feedback as very positive.

I had no previous hypnotherapy experience. Sadina started the session introducing me to hypnotherapy and how it works – she was well structured and clear. She informed me about what would be my expectations and build the confidentiality. She then worked with me to identify my areas of concerns. We agreed on what we will work on the sessions. During the sessions she was guiding me constantly and this made me feel I can trust her and relax; as a result of this I had very productive sessions with her. Our first session was very intense, after the session I was very tired on that day and the next day. A few days later I started to feel the benefits, in my case the topic we were addressing did not feel so heavy to deal with.
I would certainly recommend her as hypnotherapy therapist. (26.04.2020)


Ana Azevedo

After the hypnosis, it became clear why certain “problems / topics” kept me so tightly concerned. I was able to process it after a session and understand myself. Hypnosis is one of the best way to solve problems, the unconscious becomes visible and clearer. Hypnosis helped me make contact with myself. Now no longer stands in the way of my personal development. (26.04.2020)


Ma Ya

Zuvor mit Skepsis betrachtet, bin ich nach der Hypnose von ihrer Wirkung auf die Selbsterkennung und Selbstwahrnehmung überzeugt. Schon in der ersten Hypnose konnte ich entspannt und ohne große Anstrenung bis zu meiner Kindheit sinken, in der meistens die prägendsten Ereignisse stattfinden. Wenn man dann alle vergangenen Eindrücke die in der Hypnose wiederbelebt werden aus einem anderen Blickwinkel betrachtet, hat man die Möglichkeit die damit verbundenen Gefühlszustände viel leichter zu verarbeiten, mehr Verständnis für Geschehnisse/Personen und mit ihnen verbundene Gefühle aufzubringen, was zu einer sehr zufriedenstellenden Ruhe und Gelassenheit im Gemüt führt. Sehr eindrucksvolle und empfehlenswerte Erfahrung. (28.04.2020)


Fabrizio Nencini

Sadina is so great at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs any assistance in the area of stress management, personal development, fears transformation. Her approach is positive, wholehearted, intuitive, and integrative.


Danijela Valera

The kind of Sadina Begovic expertise, coupled with her life experience and passion immediately gave me a good feeling for working together. With her pleasant, calm voice, she led me easily into deep  It relaxation. I felt well and secure all the time. It was very impressive which pictures my subconscious project during the session. It was very emotional for me.

After the session, I felt connected to myself again. From my known circle I received the feedback that I changed. Those were great compliments for me and confirmation that my pattern of behaviour have been changed. I can’t wait for our next meeting.