Redisign Your Mind – Transformational Coaching

I’m a Transformational Coach, certified Hypnotherapist who works with adults and children (aged 7 and up) to quickly and effectively understand the core of your heartaches, struggles and pains through hypnosis.

Once we pinpoint where your pain is coming from, I help you release whatever is weighing you down so you can finally move forward, once and for all.

Is Hypnotherapy for you?

Do you stuggle with:

  • Fear, anxiety?
  • Lack of self-confidence?
  • Stress, burn-out?
  • Work-life balance?
  • Your career and career choices ?
  • Relationships (family, marriage, divorce)?
  • Social or professional pressures?
  • Loneliness?
  • Addiction?
  • A lack of energy ?
  • Weight or self-image problems?
  • Health problems?

After a few sessions of Hypnotherapy, you will:

  • Be able to pinpoint the specific experiences in your life that have led to your current pains, heartaches and struggles
  • Break through your psychological and emotional blockages
  • Better trust yourself, your instincts and your intuition
  • Learn how to enjoy and be present for all of life’s moments–even the challenging ones
  • Feel more powerful, confident and in control
  • Experience increased energy
  • Feel inspired to tap into your creativity and empowered to pursue your passions
  • Achive deeper levels of inner peace
  • Attain greater self-awareness to be a more authentic You
  • Activate your natural healing ability

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is a gentle but powerful scientifically recognized form of therapy. The client, with the help of the therapist, will be coached into a trance-like state. The client is then able to face the issues and symptoms he/she has on a new, deeper level of consciousness – a level that does not use the rational, analytical and dependent side of personality. Instead the client shall focus on these issues/symptoms in a meaningful, imaginative and intuitive manner. The client retains control at all times during this hypnotic state and is aware of what is happening during the entire session.

In this trance-like state, the client can better discover and activate his/her inner resources that will enable him/her to realign feelings; thoughts and behaviours to match new, positive goals.

In contrast to many other therapies, such as psychoanalysis, the effect of hypnotherapy is intense and lasting. Results are attained within a surprisingly short period of time – in many cases, results occur immediately.

It’s important to note: YOU always stay in control and CANNOT be randomly manipulated in hypnotherapy. You will also remember everything that happened during the hypnosis and, together, we’ll discuss and process what’s come up for you after the session.

I’ve written more extensively about the Hypnotherapy Process and Hypnotherapy for Children which you can read here.

Transformational Coaching

As a coach, my job is to actively listen to you and offer you unbiased advice and constructive, clear feedback. The insights we uncover will help you gain new perspectives, set new objectives and adapt your ways of working and experience lightbulb moments. 
Interested in learning more about how I can help you, specifically? Contact me for a consultation here.

I found in my research that the biggest reason people aren`t more self-compassionate is that they are afraid theyll become self-indulgent. They believe self-criticism is what keeps them in line. Most people have gotten it wrong because our culture says being hard on yourself is the way to be“.

-Kristen Neff-

Hypnotherapy and Transformational Coaching for Companies

In addition to helping individuals, I work with companies to offer employees onsite or offsite hypnotherapy and transformational coaching. In these sessions, I help employees with burnout prevention, stress management and work-life balance, as well as helping them increase their creativity, efficiency, concentration and motivation resulting in more powerful and influential teams in the workplace.

Together we create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to  achieve everyone`s full potential.