About Sadina Begovic

Redesigning My Life – My Story

“Find the beauty within your heart, so that you can discover it in every heart”.


Hi there! Welcome to Redesign You Mind.

My name is Sadina, a certified Hypnotherapist and Transformational Coach for adults and children aged 7 and up.

I am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) through OMNI Hypnosis Training, in Hypnotherapy for Adults and Children. I am also trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming through the NLP Academy  Switzerland.

Do you feel like you’ve devoted years of your life and chunks of your bank account to healing yourself, but have only just skimmed the surface?

Like you, I’ve always wanted to live a meaningful, authentic, passionate, courageous life, and so I threw myself into learning every self-awareness practice I could get my hands on from an early age. Through traditional wisdoms, systemic trainings and and spiritual teachers, my burning motivation to learn more about myself and share my healing techniques with others only deepened through the years.

However, despite doing yoga, quantum energy healing and trying to meditate I still felt like my healing was only at surface level. As one wise woman once told me:

You’re healing with your brain, but not with your heart.”

I wanted to be more self-aware, to heal past wounds and to live my most passionate, courageous life. But I was also impatient with the techniques I’d tried over the years.

Sadina Begovic

So while I was doing a whole lot of work, I wasn’t making a whole lot of progress.

It wasn’t until I decided to try one of the last healing techniques I had yet to experience–hypnotherapy–that everything changed for me. In hypnotherapy, I was surprised (and delighted!) by how efficiently we were able to pinpoint the root of my innermost pain with hypnotherapy. I was even more surprised by how, once I understood where it was coming from, I was able to move on.

As self-aware humans striving to live more authentic lives, we often feel like we need to devote endless amounts of time and money to our healing process in order for us to believe that it is effective.

Hypnotherapy taught me that not only can we cut down on the time and  money spent–but that our healing process can actually be much more effective, efficient and to the point when we stop focusing on the symptoms and start focusing on the cause.

My experience was so transformational that I knew this was the healing work I wanted to bring to the world. Now, as a certified Hypnotherapist for Adults and Children and a Transformational Coach, my mission is to help my clients identify the root causes of their heartaches, struggles, pains, mental and emotional obstacles so that they can let go of what`s holding them back and truly tap into vitality, power, passion, joy, success and inner peace.

Essentially, together we redesign your mind, and in doing so redesign your lives.