Hypnosis for Stress and Burnout



Hypnosis can effectively help get rid of stress and burnout. Different causes are to blame: how we process changes in our environment, our reactions to internal stress and life’s expectations and pressures. Stress and burnout are essentially self-induced.

Most of us are aware how these stressors are connected. However, many feel that their whole being is shaped by this overload.
They feel trapped in a treadmill, incessantly driven by their own and other people’s demands, no longer the driver of their own lives.

This is both uncomfortable and harmful to one’s health. Continuous stress increases mental and physical illnesses. The possible consequences range from difficulty concentrating and sleeping problems to severe anxiety symptoms such as: headaches, gastrointestinal and circulatory problems, diabetes, cancer and heart attacks.

How does stress work?

Stress begins in our minds. If a situation is perceived as challenging, the entire body adapts to coping with it. Your heart beats faster, your breath becomes shallower, hormones are released providing the fuel glucose, muscles and the brain fill with blood. All attention is given to the task.The natural stress reaction prepares us to tackle an action with all of our physical, mental and emotional powers and thus ensures the best possible chance of success.

The challenge can be enjoyable, but also threatening as `fight or flight`. In both cases, the following applies: if we can complete it quickly and thoroughly, stress will turn into relaxation again. This natural stress reaction is healthy and guides us ultimately towards our goal.
It becomes problematic when we not only constantly feel challenged, but also overhelmed and threatened. Our brain switches to a permament alarm. Stress becomes chronic with the above mentioned health consequences. The stress reactions are there to provide short term support , but they damage our body, mind and soul with long term side effects.

Why is it difficult for us to free ourselves from stress?
Certainly, life with all its tasks and constraints can be challenging and overwhelming. Nevertheless, the following applies: How someone experiences, addresses and copes with a situation is ultimately always based on their own beliefs and attitudes towards life. The sources of our experience and behavior and thus the sources of stress and burnout, are anchored deep in our unconscious layers that are hardly accessible to conscious control. Therefore, they are often difficult to recognize and even more difficult to change through insight, determination and will.

Hypnosis for stress and burnout…

Resilience and a positive, energetic attitude towards life can be practiced and improved. Hypnotherapy can effectively help because hypnotic trance allows a particulary immediate and direct influence on the unconscious deep layers. Insights gained in preparatory discussions can be used effectively for profound and lasting healing changes.

Free yourself from feeling constantly overhelmed! Gain more positive life experiences, energy, serenity, joy and improve your health!

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