Hypnotherapy for Trust, Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness


Hypnotherapy for Trust, Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness


Trust is essential in every part of our lives, from our relationships with other people to the most importance form of trust: trust in ourselves. Self-confidence is worth its weight in gold. Self-Awareness is priceless. Hypnotherapy is a great toll to help increase and strengthen those inner reserves and resources.

Self-Confidence and Trust are closely related. A child’s self-confidence grows when it is valued and respected, when others believe in it, when it is allowed to discover the world freely and to learn from its experiences. In short: a child’s self-confidence grows when it is trusted. However, people with a fragile self-confidence can be easily manipulated and controlled, and fully trusting others is one of their major challenges as they traverse life.



A child’s self-awareness develops best when its parents and caregivers have inner strength, through which they are able to love it unconditionally.

Self-awareness is not something that we are born with. It is something that we have to work on, a concept that we have to develop over a long period of time. Self-awareness is a person’s trust in him or herself, a specific sense of being whole. Self-awareness is the empowering sense of being an important part of creation, to feeling “at home” in this world and amongst people, to be loved and to love. Self-awareness is  “being present in the here and now” and of “being ok” just the way we are, no matter what we achieve, how hardworking; beautiful; intelligent; well-off or powerful we seem to others.


How Self-Awareness can bring about Self-Confidence and unwavering Trust

Most, if not all, people have some self-confidence and trust in themselves and the world around them, that can be nurtured and developed given the right circumstances. But this important source of mental and inner strength may lie buried, be blocked, or not be appreciated; nurtured or encouraged enough to develop a full sense of self to encourage an authentic, passionate life. A lack of self-confidence and a lack of trust can manifest in a range of behavioural and psychological issues like insecurity; reclusiveness; dishonesty; fear; arrogance; perfectionism; aggression and destructive behavior, and can sometimes can result in serious disorders such as: obsessive-compulsive disorder; clinical depression; or addiction. Such hindrances in one’s personal life can prevent the positive development of relationships as well as the positive development of oneself. But it doesn’t have to be all grey skies and great obstacles to achieve self-awareness, self-confidence and innate trust.

Hypnotherapy strengthens these sources of inner strength by delving deep to the root causes of why you question yourself, why you avoid being the real, authentic you.

Both self-confidence and trust are inherent to the deeper layers of personality that are largely part of the subconscious mind, and that is largely inaccessible to everyday interventions or controls. Through hypnotherapy, those layers can be directly influenced.  As part of a comprehensive therapy module, hypnotherapy can effectively break obstructive patterns and habits once they are understood and replace them with wholesome, life-giving attitudes.

Discover and release your sources of inner strength, achieve a healthy self-awareness, gain amazing self-confidence and regain self-trust and trust in others. Grow your sense of self-worth and your interpersonal skills! Experience new happiness by being your authentic self when spending time with others! Let Redesign Your Mind and Sadina Begovic help you to realise and live your dreams!

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