Children are very susceptible to hypnosis. Unlike adults, children live in the now and are more in touch with their feelings and inner truths. Hence, they can be easily reached with pictures, fantasies, stories, role-plays and are ready to dive deep into imaginary realities.

Paediatric hypnosis can be successfully used for many problems such as anxieties, nocturnal enuresis, stuttering, difficulties in building relationships, learning disabilities and concentration problems.

As with adults, hypnotherapy is never the only method used in children; it is always applied as a part of a comprehensive treatment.

Raising children: every day brings new challenges

Being a mom of a son, I know how helpless parents can feel when faced with childhood problems. How often does it happen that we reach our limits and are at our wit’s end? We raise our children to the best of our knowledge. But even so we make mistakes. This is what makes us human. We need to be extremely creative. But sometimes, we are just overwhelmed.

This is where professional help and therapeutic assistance can help immensely.

Difficulties in childhood


If our children are distressed, the symptoms are rarely the actual problem. Rather, they are usually the consequence of a whole, complex set of underlying issues. Therefore, the first thing we need to do is develop a better understanding of the life situation and sentiments of the child.

This has to be done for each child individually, even though many children may have those problematic situations in common. Poor concentration, for example, can often be found in children who are exposed to high levels of pressure and stress. Hence, they don’t like going to school and thereby the learning process.

Unfortunately, us as parents often react by increasing the pressure. We can do so in a seemingly gentle way, for example by saying: “If you get a good mark again in your history test, you will get this or that as a reward“. A child, however, can experience even such seemingly positive encouragement as negative pressure and stress.

The success of concentration exercises and other interventions that are imposed on children with concentration difficulties by educational psychologists vary widely. If the root problems and the underlying blockages are ignored, no lasting improvement can be achieved.

Thus far, the strong positive effect on concentration problems and the lasting improvements that hypnotherapy can bring is widely unknown.

Once the underlying problems are known, the subconscious mind and the deeper psychological layers of the child can be directly addressed in a gentle hypnosis session to bring healing and change.

What applies for the issue of “concentration problems“ can be extended to other issues. Hypnotherapy can be enormously helpful and have a strong healing effect on many problems experienced by children.

Why hypnotherapy is one of the best treatments for your child


  • With Hypnotherapy, the source of the problem is found in the subconscious and resolved.
  • Only a few sessions of Hypnotherapy are necessary.
  • Hypnotherapy doesn’t cause further stress.
  • No unfavourable side effects exist with Hypnotherapy.
  • Success is achieved quickly and is lasting
  • Internalized pictures create positive feelings and suggestions help children learn to see things from a new perspective.

What can hypnosis help children work through?


  • Anxiety / Fear
  • Academic problems
  • Lack of motivation
  • Bedwetting
  • Hyperactivity
  • Stuttering
  • Bullying, social difficulties
  • And much more

I work with children from the age of 7 years. A successful treatment requires the child to actually want to change.

Make your child strong! Provide him/her with a strong foundation to help live life in all its facets meaningfully and successfully!

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